1. The management board, as well as other persons acting on behalf of «DENIZ SERVICE» Company, undertakes to provide services for broad range of various products, such as personal protective equipment from worldwide known brand “UVEX”, “SKYLOTEC”, “GLOBAL SAFETY”, “CMC”, “PLUM”, “PETER GRIVEN”, welding electrodes from “AMPCO”, gas analyzing equipment, precision tools and calibration services from “MSA”, “INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC”, “E2ME”, “MTV”, “COESFELD” “METTLER TOLEDO”, drilling oil tools for drilling companies produced by “GLOBAL OIL TOOLS”, heavy industrial equipment and tools from “SPANSET”, ”RIDGID”, “RUD”, “AXMANN”, conveyer and multipurpose drives and motors from “SEW EURODRIVE” . All of these products of a high quality and made by the most effective way, ensure compliance with applicable laws and requirements, both at local and at the international level.

    Quality Procedures

  2. Feedback from our customers is the primary approach used for improvement of our methodology and basic way of company development and prosperity.
  3. For each branch of our activities we define strict quality criteria. This helps to foster and promote our Quality Management System, continuously improve all aspects of quality assurance by providing detailed audits, comparing results with previous inspections and observations of system. According to these results and data received from annual management review correspondent changes are made and new quality objectives are defined.
  4. We regularly set our goals and objectives to improve the quality criteria for all services provided by our Company. The management board also provides assurance that our policy is supported and used by all persons acting on behalf of the «DENIZ SERVICE» Company.
  5. Whenever possible, we also provide the selection of suppliers based on the requirements established by the Company, as well as provide continuous monitoring of the implementation of the latest requirements in terms of quality of service.